November 9, 2016 9:19 pm - On Fire for Anxiety 9
With the completion of NPC I’m back to work on my own weekly web comic. I missed it, I definitely find it cathartic, and I’ve had some challenges facing my very chaotic emotions recently. But it is a bit like trying to pick up a train of thought again, I kind of forgot where I was going. Especially, as it seems surprisingly appropriate after the presidential election yesterday! This week’s comic focuses on the final stage of an attack for me. Tears, that extinguishes the flames. Though I am often left feeling burnt out depressed and often extremely guilty. The high intensity burn of the anxiety finally subsides. But for how long.

Crying though often seen as something bad to be stopped or avoided, I’ve always tried to view as a necessary release. It surprised me when I considered how often I use crying as a positive release is to aid my normal functionality, many mornings as I begin warming up for my days illustrating I play music I can sing to. Often I become moved to tears over the expression of a sad song and I cry a bit. I feel all good art stems from emotion, and it’s good to stir things up. I also found that release in the morning even if I had nothing in particular to cry brought about my calmer, more inspired more productive days. So maybe for me expression through the tears, through expression through singing really does help quench my flame brain.

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