November 30, 2016 7:04 pm - On Fire for Anxiety 12


Even more of a focus on positivity and healing with this week’s comic, with a focus on the importance to me for meditation, and balance. As we are moving into the holiday season it seems appropriate to take a short hiatus from my weekly web comic for the month of December. Not simply for content reasons, but work also is booming. As well I need a bit of time to consider my plans moving forward for my own comics projects in 2017.

Meditation for me has been a practice I have used on and off through most of my life. When I was younger I participated in spiritual classes intended for those under the age of 13. Over the years the practice would slip, in and out of use. I often found it difficult to find the time, the focus. But as recently my life has become much more balanced and scheduled it became easier to include it as part of my day. The regular practice of meditation, of balancing and clearing helps creating a safe space to explore the darker places of myself to gain a better understanding of the root of the negative emotions I have been experiencing.

I feel unlike some that may actually have chemical imbalances or mental illness related to brain abnormalities, my issues are rooted in past traumatic incidents. Part of healing these issues will be coming to terms with these incidents and  as part of my healing process, include them in this comic. But these realizations are still rather fresh and tender. As well as how exactly to present them as a conclusion to this comic, is currently eluding me. Up to this point this has been an almost running train of thought, now I want to consider a final structure to wrap up this piece.

Aside from how to complete on fire for anxiety, I feel my time does need to focus back on some of my larger projects such as Proxy, and The Twisted Tale of the Tortured Raven. I do have several different books going at once, though not an ideal set up it works well for me to have many things to move between as outlets of expression. I also plan to do a restructuring to the Patreon, as I have had some small interest in going in a different direction with it and I need to at least to simplify some of the options available to make it much easier to pledge.

For the most part aside from a lot of painful emotional realizations personally, and a world seeming to be going crazy outside my door, 2016 was a solid year for me with my artistic goals. I’m grateful I’ve had the projects to lose myself in, and look forward to some new ones I’m starting now. I’m glad this year had much more comic illustration. I do look forward to taking a break over Christmas though I barely saw summer this year and need a bit of time to creatively recharge.

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