March 17, 2016 9:03 pm - Toronto Comicon

I am super excited  for the con season to start up again. As usual it all starts off with Toronto Comicon. It’s perfect timing for me to promote the launch of my web comics,  speaking of Proxy page 2 is Up. A two page spread of spine tingling creepyness this week. You can help support my comic work though my Patreon.


I’m at table A168 in artist ally, I think I may have a view of Rob Liefeld, he’s close at lease. A prospect that leaves me a bit torn. I live in hope the popularity of Deadpool will drive alot of traffic through. Unfortunately unlike probably most in artist ally I have not done anything Deadpool, with the limited time I had, I wanted to do a few pieces that were a little bit closer to my heart.


This piece was especially that, helping me express the loss of a beloved actor who played some of my favorite childhood villains, Allen Rickman. As well as high light an overall tone for me, from the last year, I’m now working hard to overcome.

Entitled: Emotional Electronics

For the next one it had surprised me that something had been in my life as long as Star Wars and I had never drawn a piece of fan art. BB8 was hard for me to resist.(clearly I have a bit of a thing for robots, especially cute ones) I saw This wonderful piece of BB8 by Alex Griendling. It was so clever, I wracked my brain to come up with a great mash-up myself. It came fairly quick, BB, round, ball, Pokeball.  It seemed perfect, and it would give me a chance to work in an anime style something I have been trying to do a bit more.

Entitled: I choose you BB-8

Moonbeam City was a wonderful new discovery this year, and as the season progressed there was a big standout, weather it be his knowledge of obscure jazz music, or just the fact that he is the #1 cop in Moonbeam city, Rad is the man! Even as the season ended I was continuously reminded of this fact by Fallout 4 of all things, where thoughts of rads are inescapable. I do hope to follow this piece with a Rad Scorpion mash up.

Entitled: Oh no, not RadAway

Lastly, even though it’s a bit off season, a piece that Isaac and I designed together as our Christmas card, that we quickly realized was not very appropriate for most of our family members, but we still couldn’t help ourselves.

Entitled: Rick and Morty Die Hard

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