July 27, 2016 8:22 pm - On Fire for Anxiety

Well, I am going to have to make a slight change to my game plan with my weekly web comic. This is mostly because I have had a lot of work coming in recently, with my recent move, (which didn’t go as smooth as may have liked, still living out of boxes) very little interest in my Patreon and a few other emotionally taxing things going on in my life. I haven’t had the appropriate time and energy to push through writing the dialog for Bolts.  Bolts being one of my oldest and most treasured stories, I want to make sure the writing gets the attention it deserves. So I won’t be running it right away anymore.

Of course so many years of neglecting to post my comic work has left me with at least 5 weeks of a small single panel comic to fill in with for the moment. It may even help to explain, in part, why there is so much I’ve never shown online. These mini comics were done more recently as an exercise for myself when I started going to counseling, for a prolonged state of depression and anxiety last summer. Depression and me have always been familiar bedfellows, I understand it’s as part of my emotional process, how to analyze its nuances, and move through it. This anxiety was something new and foreign that only happened to present itself more recently. It made me very uncomfortable, nothing like the almost familiar comfort depression had.

This forced me to explore these feelings extensively, to try and find the root of these irrational fears that had taken so much hold on my life, and try to find a way, if not to try and defuse it but at least mediate the feelings. I’m honestly not sure if it was the counseling, and it’s cognitive behavioral therapy, that was the aid or another option that became available, but I have had a marked improvement since then. I share the comics now, hoping they provide a little insight or comfort to others.

This week: Intro to flame brain


This was just basic visual representation to how exactly the anxiety made me feel. I felt as though my head was burning and the longer and hotter it burned the more chance my head would have to explode! Sometimes I wished it would explode for real, as if that would release the pressure.

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