March 9, 2016 8:20 pm - New Webpage and Webcomics


I’m super excited to be launching my brand new website! It has been a long time coming, over a year of procrastinating, and nit picking and fretting. I so appreciate the patience of my web designer/ boyfriend Isaac in that time. He has done a fantastic job keeping up with my many requests, and really took the time to build the website really I wanted.

The real push to put it live came for me when I realized the amount of my own comic content that I have been sitting on for years. Some of it only having very limited print runs or with only sporadic periods to work on my own creations having left me with several mostly finished pages. I figured it would be much more appropriate to start putting the content online, to reach a larger audience and to provide regular comic content for those who follow my work. So here is the plan from here.

The websight has gone live with the full preview issue, the first chapter, of my horror story the Twisted Tale of a Tortured Raven for you to enjoy. It has 8 full colour pages, concept art, a print and sketchs. From here on out I will be releasing one full page a week, on Wednesdays, from 3 different stories I have been working on over the past few years. Currently I have over 6 months of finished inked pages to share with you.

To coincide with the release of the new websight I have set up a patreon for anyone who wants to show their support though a monthly donation. It would be greatly appreciated! I can already guarantee 6 months + of weekly comic content no matter what is raised. Donations to the patrion will alow me to devote more time to creating new content and to support the current content as its going up. Depending on your pledge level you can get exclusive content, works in progress of the pages, Early release of the pages, exclusive video content and streams, prints and other projects, and elegability for prints,comics digital downloads and original art. I have tried to provide various different options but I am open to specific suggestion or request for pledge levels.  Any one time donations can be sent through PayPal or etansfer to

The current release schedule for my comics content is as follows.

First up is and 11 week (March 9th 2016-May 11th 2016) run of Proxy, a semi-autobiographical meta horror comic. This Creepypasta inspired story follows my own torment of being haunted by a malicious entity. Follows my trials as it enters my timeline, violently alters my history, and forces me to draw comics about it. Proxys recommended rating is PG13 for cartoon gore and violence.


Next up is 7 weeks (May 18th 2016- June 29th 2016) of the New and improved Raven, this is all newly written content. The Twisted Tale of a Tourtured Raven is a steampunk horror comic with a unique take on death. First you saw her rebirth now know her death. Her task sparks memories that send her realing through her own past life events. This comic underwent some redesign after the release of the preview issue, some were based off some suggestions from people who enjoyed the book and contacted me. Others because my speed and skill improved and I felt a fully inked book would feel more cohesive and “dark” especially for where I want it to go. For now I am debating whether this chapter will now be presented in black and white or colour, I have the time to see if there is the interest in the book to do a colour version. But I will do at least a black and white run of chapter 2. The Ravens recommended rating is R for graphic violence nudity and mature themes and subject matter. This is the NSFW material.



Finally I will run 6 weeks (July 6th 2016- August 10th 2016) of Bolts. One of my oldest concepts for a comic book, I originally began writing when I was 13. This book has gone through various iterations over the years. At its roots it was heavily influenced by 1980s Sci-Fi anime, Bolts is like Star Wars crossed with X-men. As a small resistance group of Psy-humans defends the planet Mars against an invasion from Earth military forces. Bolts recommend rating is PG13.


The Firm scheduling stops here as I hope to complete 2-4 new pages of Bolts for it’s relase. But Bolts will most likely be followed by 16 weeks of the already completed Proxy 2.

Telling stories through comics has always been my dream. But in its day and age there are so many options for presenting comics to the world. I feel this will be a sustainable option for me while also freelancing on the side. It will also alow me the creative freedom and controle I desire, but also allow me to hear feedback and engage directly with those who are interested in the work. Any donations will be much appreciate as it will make my plan even more sustainable.

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