May 13, 2016 10:14 pm - Friday the 13th Contest!

I’ve been wanting to do a contest for awhile now and it seemed like an appropriate time. There was an overwhelming interest in doing a contest for free comics, So I’m going to give away 4 comics, one for each social media platform I use. I’m planning on these being the first issue in the proxy series. Once the images are posted on Facebook,  TwitterTumblr, and Instagram follow the instructions on the image to enter. You may enter over several social media platforms but only entry per account on that platform. Only one win per person, if you happen to win on two platforms the prize will be given to the runner up. If you happen to already own the first issue you will be provided with the second or another prize of equal retail value. Any information regarding your entry must be visible to me, this may be affected by your own privacy settings depending on the platform. If you win you must be willing to provide a shipping address to send the prize to or you will forfeit to the next runner up. I’m hoping to run the contest over the weekend and pick the winners on Monday,  but depending on the activity I may extend that time line by a day or two.  I appreciate the interest in my contest and wish you luck.






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